We always give the advice not to look on odds only.

Don’t bet with a dubious bookie, just because they have the highest football betting prices! Odds comparison also serves for recognising how good the odds at your favourite bookmakers are.

Compare the betting prices and odds but then still decide wisely where to place your bet.

We have developed our own football betting odds comparison in collaboration with Betbrain which contains ‘only’ 40 bookmakers of the highest standards – each of the 40 selected bookmakers is absolutely trustworthy.

Premier League Odds for Arsenal – Chelsea

Compare Bookmakers Odds – Current football betting prices

If you want to learn more about the bookmakers whose odds are included in our soccer betting odds comparison we recommend to read our bookmaker reviews section. If you want to stay up-to-date with free bets offered you can either view them all on our Free Bets Page.