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Best Online Bookmakers for Football in UK 2020

The Best Bookmakers Online in the UK

Here at Football Bookmakers, we have a wealth of experience in using online bookmakers. This experience stretches all the way back to 1997 when football betting first went online. The developments in the industry have come a long way since then.

With new technological innovations, mobile platform developments and new bookmakers joining the fray, it has all helped to create a bigger and better online experience for punters. So football betting in the UK at online bookmakers is expansive and varied. Here we offer you valuable insights to help you determine the best online bookies.

We only bet with bookies that offer high quality, value and customer service.

Best Bookmakers in the UK according to

We have compiled a list of the most popular bookies for football in the UK. Through our extensive research, we have considered several different factors on how to score and rank them. There are many different aspects to weigh up at online bookmakers as it is not just all about the odds.

While the value in odds is an important part of what you are going to consider at UK bookmakers, it is worth taking a look at things like extra features, customer service, market variety and mobile betting platforms as well.

Those extra things all come together like pieces of a puzzle to create the full experience that you will get at the best bookmakers in the UK. So through our research, we have looked at more than just the name and brand, we have reviewed how the bookmakers operate and just what value they can offer the end-user.

Here, based on our personal experience is the list of best UK bookmakers for football betting:

Bookmaker rating
Bet365 5 stars rating
William Hill 4.5 stars rating
Sportingbet 4.5 stars rating
Betvictor 4.5 stars rating
22Bet 4.5 stars rating
Paddy Power 4.5 stars rating
888Sport 4.5 stars rating
Boylesports 4.5 stars rating
Betway 4.5 stars rating
Fansbet 4.5 stars rating
Ladbrokes 4.5 stars rating
Unibet 4 stars rating
Coral 4 stars rating
Betfair 4 stars rating
Bwin 4 stars rating
Comeon 3 stars rating

How we review online bookmakers

So how do we review online bookmakers? Our experienced bettors pay an online visit to the bookmakers to see what they have to offer. It is, quite simply, research. Because we have so much experience with UK bookmakers it allows us to go and look at the specific aspects which we feel are most important to users.

Sportsbook & Odds

The sportsbook, of course, is what online bookmakers are judged the highest on. It is the core of its operation and where the betting business is done. But not all sportsbooks are created equally though. All operators will run different services and there will be variances in market variety.

For example, you may find more in-play betting options at Bet365 that suit your betting than at any other bookmaker. So the variety of markets in a sportsbook is something that we have looked at with online bookmakers. What is the variety like not only on different sports available, but on individual events as well?

And of course, is the bookmaker running consistently strong, favourable odds to punters? It's easy to do an odds comparison between UK bookmakers on a single market. If you find one being consistently strong, then that, of course, will be a big asset of that bookmaker. Another aspect of sportsbook research is how easy it is to navigate? Are the markets easy to access?


Bonuses play a big part in operations at online bookmakers. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes as well. One of the most popular forms of bonuses is the welcome offer. Bookmakers push those sign-up offers to try and attract new customers, and while these are not a particularly important aspect of your long term betting experience, they can be taken advantage of.

Bookmaker welcome bonuses do offer some value to punters and therefore have been ranked and looked at in our research. Bookmakers offer a lot of bonuses to existing customers as well. With an abundance of such offers like money back specials and enhanced odds, these can play a big role in the everyday betting practices of punters, so they have been included in our rankings.


When you look at online bookmakers you are not just seeing the sportsbook. There are other great features around which can accentuate your online betting. The kind of things that we have taken a look at include big features such as live in-play betting and how extensive that is at an operator.

Other features like bet builders and cash out options are also sized up in our look at the best online bookies. Features like this add a lot to your everyday betting. Different punters will have different requirements for what they want, and not every feature is going to appeal to everyone. But the availability of them is key, just in case you may want to use them.

Mobile Platforms

Betting is not something that you have to be sat down in front of a computer to do. Mobile websites and dedicated apps produced by online bookmakers help punters take a more fluid, mobile approach to their betting. Any time, any place now betting can be done just by whipping out your phone.

So because this modern approach to betting is prevalent, we have taken a look at what UK bookmakers offer their customers in terms of a mobile platform. This is a particularly important area when you look at in-play betting as well because having that quick availability at your fingertips makes betting highly accessible.

Customer Service

It is probably not the first thing that you are going to consider when you are signing up with a bookmaker, but we take it seriously. You need to know what degree of customer support that you are going to get from the operator, just in case you need to get in touch with them.

Security and how they handle the privacy of your account is also paramount, and a bit of time spent beforehand will help to set your mind at ease. Always choose strong usernames and difficult passwords to help protect yourself at all times.

We have also considered things like forums, help guides and FAQs that are available on the sites of UK bookmakers. They are small things and you may not ever use them, but we have included this side of online betting into our reviews.

How to choose the best bookmakers in the UK

So how do you choose the best bookmaker for you? It is all going to be down to personal choice at the end of the day, of course. You will find yourself having a closer affinity and liking of one particular bookmaker over another. That's natural and remember that you don't just have to be loyal to just one bookmaker.

Having more than one bookmaker for your betting will allow you to take advantage of situations when one of them is offering a better price on a particular market. Anyway, back to choice. It is a good idea to take a look at the things that are most important to you. You have to have your betting needs fulfilled.

Which bookmakers carry the best odds in the markets that you bet most frequently on? Is there a bonus such an Acca Insurance that you want to regularly take part in because that fits your betting? How quickly does an operator's in-play betting service work on mobile platforms? Make yourself a small checklist of things that you expect from a bookmaker.

Then take a look through our reviews of online bookmakers to try and find a match. We have used our experience to build the list and you can use the information to steer you in the right direction. While you are at it you can also take advantage of some of the best sign up bonuses from UK bookmakers through our links as well.

Special offers from the best online Bookmakers, generally appear in the form of introductory deals (free bets for new customers, sign up bonus, first deposit bonus 18+, T&Cs apply - see details on the respective bookmaker's website), which will usually reward customers signing up for new accounts with betting offers.

The general practice for this is to match your initial deposit into a new account or to match initial bets placed on a new account. These will be up to a maximum value of course, but different online Bookmakers will have their introductory offers, and some are based on a tier system of bets.

The special offers are hooks to attract new customers, and it is something which is good for the punter. A simple search for customer reviews, and browsing independent sites like ours, will help you to make informed decisions about which Bookmaker may be the best for you.

Top Online Bookies for Football Betting

Having the luxury to browse around some of the best bookies for football, will only be to your advantage. By visiting these bookmaker sites, even without signing up, you will be able to get a good general feel of the user-friendliness of the site. You do not want to get bogged down with a site which you find hard to navigate, or cumbersomely slow to load, because that will detract from your online betting experiences.

There are also alternatives to standard Bookmaker operations. Betfair, for example, is a betting exchange, which means that prices are generally higher, because the middle-man, in this case, the bookmaker, is cut out. A betting exchange involves people laying odds against other punters, and as long as there is someone there to take your bet within the community, you can bet to your heart's content.

The options that are presented with the best online Bookmakers are endless. Make sure you warm up with a little research before taking the field and scoring a winner with the right bookie for you. So, if you want to go into more detail, you can read our bookmaker reviews below, just click on the respective banners!

Advantages of UK football bookies

You will want to bet close to home, not only for legalities but for convenience as well. There are naturally occurring advantages of wagering with UK football bookies. Here we list a few of the advantages of doing so:

  • British Pound accepted
  • Customer support in local hours
  • Better coverage of UK football and other sports
  • Common display of fractional odds
  • Special betting markets like politics and awards
  • Operators being regulated and holding a UK licence

New Online Bookmakers 2020

With such a thriving industry, the list of online bookmakers is not just sat still. There are new UK bookmakers on the scene who are providing alternatives for punters to the major established names. Despite not having a long-established history, these new bookmakers still have a lot to offer and the same principles apply in finding one. Look for a good fit of high-quality service, strong odds, a top sportsbook and customer service.

Here are some of the best new UK bookmakers:


Bookmaker 22bet has impressed with the strength of the odds within their sportsbook. Despite being a newer bookmaker, it is one of the first things that we noted in our high rating of them. With a very user-friendly website and a sportsbook which covers a lot of E-Sports betting, everything combined that 22Bet have on their site allowed the online bookmaker to rank highly with us.


Another of the stronger newer UK bookmakers is Fansbet. They were started up by football fans and they are the only bookmaker who are committed to sharing 50% of net profits with sports fans. That's because when you sign up with them, you nominate a supporters cause and then when your bet loses your cause receives funds (equivalent to 50% of Fansbet's profits). So that is a unique, appealing angle and Fansbet do deliver strong odds and a variety-packed sportsbook too.


One of the big features that we liked about MoPlay was their Club ProMo which allows customers to pick up weekly rewards. Another big strength of MoPlay was their mobile services which excelled and that will appeal to a lot of punters. It is a very strong overall service that MoPlay have, from the variety of in-play betting options to the odds that they run on popular football markets.


Guts has also made a strong entry as one of the top new bookmakers around. They provide a wonderfully accessible website full of user-functionality. They are not a bookmaker who delivers plenty of promotions, but they do have a rewards program running. It is the quality of their odds which puts them in our list with a high rating.

How to open a betting account and deposit

Once you have found the bookmaker (or bookmakers!) that you are happy with, it will be time to get on to the next stuff. That is opening a betting account and depositing funds so that you can start your wagering.

How you register is going to be important. Especially if you are going to try and secure a welcome bonus. You will want to ensure that all terms and conditions of any sign-up bonus you are clear with (such as deposit minimums) so that you do not miss out on actually completing the bonus.

When it comes to depositing options, some e-wallet deposits generally don't allow for sign up bonuses to be activated, so pay heed to that. Online bookmakers offer a wide variety of deposit methods from bank transfers to debit cards. Note that whatever you fund with, that will be where withdrawals will in most cases, have to be withdrawn back to.

There will be minimum deposits as well depending on your method and the bookmaker in question. Most UK bookmakers won't charge you for any deposit transactions but there could still be charges incurred from your financial institution. Either at the point of registration or in your account management afterwards is where you will set up your primary funding method.

Why you should use more than one betting site

Having more than one online bookmaker is a great way to maximise your betting potential. If, for example, you only have an account with Bet365, which is widely regarded as being one of the best online bookmakers (probably the single best one according to our experience), then comes the big match on the weekend Chelsea v Man United, you will be limited to their prices.

While according to our experience Bet365 are leaders regularly offering generous odds, perhaps slightly better odds for your selection could be found at Betvictor for example, or another top bookmaker, even if it is through something like an enhanced odds price boost that is running. Not being boxed into one online bookmaker gives you options.

So having multiple accounts can work in your favour. Selecting odds at 3/1 as opposed to 5/2, naturally will have a big impact on your potential returns.

Another point worth remembering when it comes to the benefits of having more than one of the best online bookmakers, is the fact that you will have more opportunities to take advantage of different special offers.

So it is worth considering holding an account at more than one of the most highly recommended bookmakers. That way you will get a bit of blanket coverage on what you are doing.

Online Bookmakers FAQs

We can't cover every single question that all punters will ever have about online bookmakers, but here are some of the most frequently asked ones that we can address.

Is betting legal in the UK?

Betting is perfectly legal in the UK. That's why there are so many High Street bookmakers for starters and bookies operations running at racecourses up and down the country. As long as you are of age(18+) and for your own safety find a bookmaker with a UK licence then you are absolutely fine.

How can I place a bet online?

Just find one of the many top bookmakers that are available and open an account with them. After funding your account you will then be able to hit the sportsbook at your chosen operator and select your bets.

Which bookmaker has the best odds for football?

You are not going to find one bookmaker that is the top odds for every single football market, every single time. That's unrealistic, but what you can find is one that is consistently strong in odds comparison tests, like Bet365.

Which is the best bookmaker in the UK?

The best bookmaker in the UK is subjective to the user, but through our testing and reviews, we continue to find that Bet365 is one of the leading operators. That is because they pack so much variety into their sportsbook and provide reliable odds.





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